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One thing that defies classification

BB.pps – This is a Powerpoint show titled “Glory in the Meetin’ House” that I did as a “brown bag” for our UTK graduate students.  It was supposed to give some useful pointers on how (and how not to) give a paper at a meeting.  And if you’re curious about the title it comes from an Old-Time tune (click this link for more information), and see http://abcnavigator.free.fr/ to get “AbcNavigator” (abc is a text system for writing music).  Old-Time music is my one hobby (see http://ezfolk.com/audio/bands/1084/ ).

Demographic Type Things

MLNI – This is material for the estimation of the “Most Likely Number of Individuals” from commingled human skeletal remains.  Currently the page contains two Excel files that can be downloaded.

Paleodemography and age estimation – Reference sample data and some R code

Hazard model in paleodemography – Fun(ctions) in “R” with Crow Creek and Libben

Forensic age estimation – R code, be sure to look at the above link as well

Powerpoint presentation from AAFS 2004 – This is a presentation from the 2004 AAFS meetings in Dallas.  The file contains both the “slides” and the text of the paper as “speaker’s notes.”

Anthropological Demography Short-Course – This course met Mondays at 11:12 in SSH 219, Fall Semester 2003

“R” stuff

Rstuff – An untidy repository of some anthropological-type things in “R”

Calculations from Steadman, Adams, and Konigsberg (AJPA 06?) – Mostly “R” code, though there is some fortran source code for a part that “R” doesn’t seem to want to handle.

Radiocarbon Calibration

5phase – This is the Fortran source code for a Gibbs Sampler analysis of Moundville radiocarbon dates (Knight, Frankenberg, and Konigsberg, nd).  No data or calibration files are included.

5phaseb – Same as above but with the “uniform span prior.”

Ancient Data and Programs

Nonmetric traits – This is a self-extracting *.exe file that contains nonmetric trait data from prehistoric sites in West Central Illinois (see http://konig.la.utk.edu/Traits.pdf for trait list)

SAM – This is a self-extracting *.exe file that contains an old program to mirror points around a plane.  Can be used to replace missing left/right coordinate data.


W.W. Howells' Craniometric Data

Software written by Dr. John H. Relethford - http://employees.oneonta.edu/relethjh/programs/