W.W. Howells' Craniometric Data

W.W. Howells' craniometric data can be downloaded from this page.  The files are plain text ASCII files with commas as a delimiter.  These can be imported into almost any database program and can be easily opened in Excel.  The easiest way to do this is to save the files with the extension *.csv and then they can be opened directly with Excel.  The data can also be brought into “R” (see below).  See Howells (1996, AJPA 101:441-442) for an explanation of the data.



(702 KB) Howells world data set, comma-delimited


(173 KB) bytes Howells test data set, comma-delimited file

OR, get the data set as an “R” object

Open an “Rgui” and paste the following:




And for the “test” data: