Paleodemography Pages

        This homepage is the "entrada" to on-going research in paleodemography taking place in the Anthropology Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Support for this project has been generously provided by the National Science Foundation (SBR-9727386).

"R" and Paleodemography- This page contains short programs that you can mark and paste into "R" (a free statistics/graphics package) in order to do some paleodemographic types of analyses.

"R" and Demography- This page is from a short course on anthropological demography taught during the Fall semester of 2003 at UTK.  While the material was a bit more forensically oriented than paleodemographic, there are still some useful gleanings to be had.

Reference (Known Age) Data - Here are links to reference sample data collected under the NSF grant.  One major warning - the Terry Collection ages-at-death are reported ages, so not actually known ages.  The files below are only available now as Microsoft Access 2000 files.  I'll work on some conversions in the future, but it would help to know what formats are generally useful.

 McKern and Stewart Korean War Dead - The data here come from "Key Sort" cards that contain Stewart's original observations, and are maintained in the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian.  The pubic symphysis scores were done by me, Nicholas Herrmann, and Danny Wescott using casts at the Smithsonian.

Terry Collection - These data are from a sample of 802 individuals from the Terry collection, scored by the same three (Danny, Nick, and me) in 1998.

Gilbert Data – These data are from casts and pubic bones that were (probably) all used in Gilbert and McKern’s study.  The scoring is by Konigsberg.  Beware the possibility that some of the casts may represent bones already in the collection (check ID numbers carefully).


Age Estimation - This area contains links for software (a.k.a. works in progress) for age estimation.  These programs are primarily intended for forensic application (i.e., estimation of age-at-death for an individual skeleton).

      Nphases2 - This program does cumulative probit ("proportional odds"), as well as an "unconstrained probit"